What's the most important habit your organization needs to build?

The Conversation Habit

Create a culture in which people have more and better conversations about work and how they work together.

Why would you use SkillsGym to build a conversation culture in your organization?
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To experience the effectiveness of this approach and the personal impact it can have, we invite you to join us for a live and free experience session at Fosbury & Sons in Brussels on the 29th of November from 9 am - 1 pm. It's an opportunity to gain firsthand insight and understand the value this program can bring to you and your organization.

At SkillsGym, we have 20 years of experience helping successful organizations worldwide build essential soft skills and habits. Out of our 90+ skill development programs, we'd argue that The Conversation Habit is perhaps the most important skill.

Because being able to have great conversations is a true 'meta-skill' or superpower;
it's the one skill that helps accelerate skills mastery in all others.
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What does the program look like?


 1/2 day per workshop online or on-site
 Content of your choice (choose 2 types of conversations)
 Group size: max. 20 participants
 Delivered by our expert trainers and business actors


 1/2 day per practice lab
 Group size: max. 10 participants
 Simulations with participants' own real-life cases
 Simulations by our own expert business actors


 Participants go through 2 habit-building sprints
 Each sprint is 6-weeks and includes 3 evidence-based habits
 'How to build new habits' online master class
 Peer-coaching to add support and accountability


 After each training day, participants follow through with 3 on-the-job conversations
 Though each conversation can be held in 15 minutes, we advise people to take their time for these conversations
 Info-session for managers on their role in the process


At SkillsGym we believe that...

Soft skills are everything.

Habits and conversations are the way.

85% of success at the work place is attributed to soft skills and only 15% to technical skills (Stanford, Harvard). With SkillsGym, people are building strong soft skills, one habit at a time.


On-the-job practice

With SkillsGym's unique Habit Method, participants build skills quickly and effectively; by practicing micro-habits that fit into daily activities.

Through conversation

We don't build skills on an island. 90% of our habits are the result of our environment, so in building new habits, it's smart to involve those around you. 

Formal learning

Our live sessions are bite-sized, exciting, interactive activities designed to activate people toward impactful and measurable behavioral change.

What kind of conversations will we focus on in the training program?



Set focus for the program and your culture by choosing 2 types of conversations
you want everyone in your organization to have more of.

Let participants decide for themselves in which conversations they want to get better;
they set the focus for their own training.


The Personal Development Conversation

Having regular personal development and career conversations can increase engagement scores with 10 points. - Google Research, Russ Laraway


The Check-In Conversation

Employees who have a monthly check-in are 3 times more engaged and 21% more productive. Organizations adopting this approach have up to 30% fewer voluntary leavers. - Gallup


The Coaching Conversation

Google analyzed what made their most high-performing leaders so successful. They identified 8 key behaviors, coaching being the most important one. - Google Oxygen Project


The Meaningful Conversation

Research found that 52% of employees choosing to leave their company said their manager or organization could have stopped them from leaving if they had talked about it. - Gallup


The Feedback Conversation

When employees strongly agree they received "meaningful feedback" in the past week, they are almost four times more likely than other employees to be engaged. - Gallup


The Change Conversation

If you can’t talk about the new, the unknown, the scary ideas, you will never think outside the box. - Steve Jobs


The Goal Conversation

Highly aligned companies grow revenue 58% faster, are 72% more profitable, and outperform unaligned peers in employee engagement, customer satisfaction and retainment, and leadership. - LSA Global


The Accountability Conversation

A great predictor of team success is “how willing members are to call each other on their actions/performance that could have a negative effect on the team.” - Patrick Lencioni


The Well-Being Conversation

Talking about well-being in the same focused and intentional manner as we talk about work-goals, is instrumental for employee happiness and engagement. - Google Analytics Team


The Absenteeism Conversation

Effective communication and understanding of employee well-being can significantly reduce absenteeism. - Aida Hajro, Leeds University


The Conflict Conversation

Teams that fight together stay together. - Patrick Lencioni

How to have more and better conversations.

Our approach to skill development makes it easy and effective by breaking down each skill into 3 foundational sub-skills, allowing people to focus on building each sub-skill for two weeks, and by the end of the sprint, they'll have mastered the skill as a whole.

1 skill - 3 sub-skills - 6 weeks

#1 Join the live session

Participants follow the live session on each skill, your role as the expert trainer is to get them started and set them up for success.


Participants learn more about each sub-skill on the platform.


Participants have a conversation on-the-job about each sub-skill.


Participants build a habit to practice each sub-skill in daily activities.
A new culture needs new habits.

Why is this program a game-changer for your organizational culture?

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Meet your instructors

The team's ability to create safe training environments is essential, as it encourages participants to step outside their comfort zones, take risks, and engage in meaningful learning experiences. When participants feel comfortable leaving their comfort zones, they are more likely to embrace behavioral change and apply new skills and insights to real-world situations. Our approach centers around three elements—connection, challenge, and care— that are foundational for personal and professional development. 

As the CEO of SkillsGym, Sarah has aided numerous organizations, teams, and individuals in developing new habits, using her warm and personal approach to assist individuals in identifying and achieving their own goals towards becoming more effective communicators. She sees it as her personal mission to see everyone succeed and contribute to healthy and productive organizational cultures.
For nearly 20 years, Bram Doolaege has successfully balanced his work at CUTESolutions/SkillsGym with teaching behavioral sciences at the University of Ghent. With a hands-on and humorous approach, Bram promotes the importance of vulnerability, critical self-awareness, and a willingness to embrace personal growth.
Olivier has expertly balanced his roles at CUTE/SkillsGym and Feekit for more than 15 years. In addition to being a sought-after event host, actor, and radio host, Olivier brings an analytical, personal, and challenging approach to his work. As a professional communicator and trained coach, he recognizes the significance of adopting a systematic approach to improving one's communication skills.
Maarten has seamlessly integrated his roles at CUTE/SkillsGym for more than 7 years with his work as a change facilitator, communication specialist, and soft skills trainer. Using his no-nonsense approach and background in criminology, Maarten excels at helping individuals display a new level of authenticity, radical candor, and care in their conversations.
Jean-Paul joined our team 3 years ago, with previous experience as a managing director at one of our clients. He now combines his work with us with his role as an interim manager, utilizing his executive leadership skills to help participants navigate corporate communication challenges with humor and a calm demeanor, achieving positive results even in complex conversations.
Thibaut Neve joined the SkillsGym team one year ago, following a distinguished career as a communication specialist and soft skills trainer. With over two decades of experience in these roles, Thibaut has honed his expertise in facilitating effective communication, developing interpersonal skills, and enhancing overall professional growth. His proven track record of success in empowering individuals and teams to achieve their communication goals makes him a valuable asset to the SkillsGym team.
Rishi has been a valuable member of our team for the past 7 years. With a background as a trained psychologist, security training specialist, and talented business actor, Rishi possesses a unique set of skills that enables him to have a profound impact on participants. His rare ability to challenge and reassure individuals allows them to push beyond their comfort zones, leading to transformative growth and development.
Dave has more than 20 years of acting experience in the corporate world and supports various forms of conversation simulations with his trained empathy. Giving people insight into themselves as well as seeing the desire to work with it is what he enjoys doing, time after time. He creates a confidential setting for the participants, plays a realistic situation with corresponding credible behaviour and finally gives targeted and constructive feedback. In this way, he supports professionals so that they learn to handle situations more effectively and can apply them directly on the work floor.

So here's a summary of everything that you get in The Conversation Culture

2 half-day workshops

2 1/2 workshops focused on the content of 2 types of conversations of your choice. If you opt to let the participants choose which type of conversation they want to focus on practicing, the content of these workshops focus on general conversational skills.

Skill development plans

1-year access to the skill development plans (that support the different types of conversations) of your choice. SkillsGym contains 90+ programs to choose from (ranging from feedback, non-violent communication, emotional intelligence, coaching...).

2 half-day practice labs

The practice labs are the perfect setting for participants to practice having challenging conversations and applying the skills they have been testing on-the-job (as self-led pre-work and in-between work via our platform). The practice labs are facilitated by an expert trainer and business actor.

Info-session for managers

A one-hour online info session for all managers in your organization to encourage them to take up their crucial role in the process by setting up on-the-job conversations and role-modeling the new habits.

Habit building practice + peer-coaching

Each skill development plan includes 3 evidence-based habit-building practices. The 'How to build new habits' master class and the opportunity to design habit loops on the platform supports this process. Our tested peer-coaching process is added for support and accountability.

On-the-job conversations

Each skill development plan includes 3 tested self-guided conversations for colleagues and teams to have on-the-job. These conversations are designed to have more and better conversations around specific and sometimes challenging topics like feedback, absenteeism, performance...

Expert instructors

Only our senior expert trainers and business experts with 15+ years of experience in delivering the 'Crucial Conversations' training will be delivering these programs.

Communication package

Activate people to join the program and keep the momentum going for having the conversations and building the habits by actively using our tested communication package; email invites, visuals, posters, gadgets that serve as visual cues and reminds...

Great project management

When it comes to organizing company-wide cultural change programs, having excellent project management is absolutely essential. It plays a crucial role in measuring the impact of the program, sharing key learnings, and adapting to changing needs or insights along the way.

What do our clients have to say?

Our satisfied clients have achieved transformative growth through this program, and we're eager to share their experiences with you. Ask us for more testimonials!

Myriam Hoste, Global People Lead, Mediagenix


Sara Hermans, L&D mgr, Deloitte

Limited spots available (delivery by a select team of trainers and actors)

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$9.755 for 10 participants or $12.755 for 20 participants in one roll-out

Have more and better conversations

The Conversation Culture

Looking to transform your organization's conversation culture? Look no further than CUTESolutions' flagship program! For 20 years, clients have trusted and relied on this program to achieve personal and professional success. And now, with the integration of SkillsGym's tested method for on-the-job habit change and conversations, the program is better than ever before.
But don't just take our word for it - ask us for client testimonials. Our satisfied clients have achieved transformative growth through this program, and we're eager to share their experiences with you.

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