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The Conversation Habit

Monday, Jan 29th

9am - 1pm

Fosbury & Sons Groot-Bijgaarden

Includes lunch

Experience the transformative power of The Conversation Habit: the ability to effortlessly engage in crucial and outcome-shifting conversations without the stress and collateral damage that many people encounter when discussing challenging issues.

Build the skill of having crucial conversations,
one small habit at a time.

Have the conversations you need to be having and contribute to a culture of psychological safety, where radical candor reigns as the norm, not the exception.

Proven results

Experience the impact of CUTESolutions' flagship program, approved by 100+ organizations and 10.000+ participants.

On-the-job impact

Includes on-the-job programs, focusing on building habits and having tested peer/team conversations.

Culture of radical candor

Designed to ensure that people in your organization are having more and better conversations about how they work together.
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Key Highlights

Experience our Practice Labs as a participant
The practice labs are the perfect setting for participants to practice having challenging conversations and applying the skills they have been testing on-the-job (as self-led pre-work and in-between work via our platform). The practice labs are facilitated by an expert trainer and business actor. 
Evidence-Based Micro-Habits
Learn about the power of small, sustainable changes in daily routines that can have a profound impact on your soft skills. We will explore evidence-based micro-habits that are easily implementable and can make a significant difference.
Discover the program
At SkillsGym, we have 20 years of experience helping successful organizations worldwide build essential soft skills and habits. Out of our 90+ skill development programs, we'd argue that The Conversation Habit is perhaps the most important skill. Discover the program together with us. 
A new culture needs new habits.

Why is this program a game-changer for your organizational culture?

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