The Leadership Habitfor New Leaders

Get off to a good start with your team and never build bad habits in the first place.

 Master the skills, tools, strategies, and mindset needed to have impact in your new leadership role
 Build foundational habits from the start 
 Have the conversations you need to be having with your team
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Soft skills are everything.

Conversations and habits are the way.


On-the-job practice

With SkillsGym's unique Habit Method, participants build skills quickly and effectively; by practicing micro-habits that fit into daily activities.

Through conversation

We don't build skills on an island. 90% of our habits are the result of our environment, so in building new habits, it's smart to involve those around you. 

Formal learning

Our live sessions are bite-sized, exciting, interactive activities designed to activate people toward impactful and measurable behavioral change.

Build key skills as a new leader

Step into your leadership role with confidence and competence with this powerful training program designed to ensure new leaders hit the ground running. Setting the stage for success, this comprehensive program equips you with essential leadership tools, techniques, and strategies to make an immediate impact and build a strong foundation for long-term growth. Don't miss this transformative opportunity to launch your leadership journey on the right trajectory and achieve outstanding results from day one.

Our approach to skill development makes it easy and effective by breaking down each skill into 3 foundational sub-skills, allowing you to focus on building each sub-skill for two weeks, and by the end of the sprint, you'll have mastered the skill as a whole.

1 skill - 3 sub-skills - 6 weeks

#1 Join the live session

Follow the live session on each skill, our expert trainers will help you get started and set you up for success!


Learn more about each sub-skill on the platform.


Have a conversation on-the-job about each sub-skill.


Build a daily habit to practice each sub-skill in daily activities.

Your Program

Take the masterclass

How to build new habits.

Accelerate skills mastery through daily practice. Follow the masterclass and set yourself up for success. Knowing how to be successful in habit change opens doors to achieving goals, compelling careers, new opportunities, and an overall better quality of life.
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Program overview

New leaders - fundamentals

Build key habits around 5 fundamental leadership skills during the 8-month program
  • 5 skills - 5 live training moments 
  • 5 on-the-job development programs
  • Kick-off, peer-coaching and habit helpdesk 
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Giving feedback

Learn how to give feedback that directly impacts your (team members) growth and success.


Practicing empathy

Use tactical empathy to listen to your new team and built rapport to get off to a good start.


Check-in conversations

The consistent habit of focused and frequent check-in conversations is the single most important habit for building high-performing teams.


Goal setting - basic

Build a regular cadence of setting and reviewing goals as a proven way to achieve results. 


Creating a feedback culture - basic

One of your first jobs as a leader is to install an effective feedback culture, providing yourself and all team members with the feedback needed to grow.
* Practice lab ('deep dive' training including 1/2 day session with business actor)

1% better every day.

Conversations and habits are the way.

What's included in each program?

The duration of both programs (fundamentals and advanced) is 8 months, including the following activities:

#1 Monthly live sessions

Energize & activate
  • Kick-off keynote 'How to build new habits and skills'

  • 5 live 90-minute kick-start sessions

  • The sessions are delivered by our leadership experts and are designed to get people started with building new habits and having more and better conversations on-the-job

#2 Practice lab

Train new skills
  •  'Deep dive' training session (3 hours online or full day on-site)

  •  Includes a 1/2 day session with a business actor to simulate real-life conversations and get personalized feedback and development suggestions

#3 Skills development programs

Master 5 key skills, step-by-step and habit-by-habit
  •  5 evidence-based skill development plans to build skills on your own/in team (self-led learning and team-learning)

  •  Access to our platform (or scorm files hosted on your LMS)

#4 On-the-job conversations

Have more and better conversations on-the-job
  •  The skills development programs include 15 guided conversations to have with your boss, colleagues, and team to include them in your skills development journey

#5 Peer-coaching program

Achieve your first coaching successes
  •  Method for peer-coaching to build in a system for social accountability and practicing coaching skills throughout the program

#6 Masterclass 'How to build new skills'

Master the meta-skill of learning to learn
  •  Evidence-based method for accelerated mastery of skills through focus on sub-skills and micro-skills

#7 Masterclass 'How to build new habits'

Master the meta-skill of building new habits
  •  Evidence-based method for building habits

  •  Build foundational habits as a new leader

  •  Learn how to coach others in building new habits

#8 Habit helpdesk

Get extra support
  •  30-minute habit helpdesk after the live sessions for Q&A

Why choose us?

Use our experience, habit method and proven tools (80+ skills development programs and 400+ guided (team) conversations) to build your own leadership development program.
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Proven track record

SkillsGym is powered by CUTESolutions, that has been designing successful leadership programs for 20 years (Cargill, Deloitte, Proximus, IKEA, Mediafin...).

Evidence-based habit method

Good leadership programs go beyond awareness and skills development. With our habit method, your leaders will build transformative and measurable habits.

Real impact

Together we decide how we will measure real impact on engagement, performance, talent development and retention.

Agile & flexible approach

We can build a complete leadership program for you, or use SkillsGym Plug-in (using our habit method and development programs) to add habit design to your existing programs.

Learning when & where you want it.

Stay up to date with group and personal online training streamed directly into your home. All SkillsGym programs are already fully mobile now, but our app is on its way!
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