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Close the knowing-doing gap

A new culture needs new habits.

CUTESolutions has developed a unique method to directly impact your culture and people's skills. This method, called the CUTESolutions Habit Method ©, is an evidence-based approach where we focus on building the most impactful habits that will directly impact the skills of your people and the culture of your team or organization.
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Our experts

Who we are

All of our instructors are highly qualified professionals, widely acknowledged in their field.

For those that believe in the power of habit.

Expect visible and measurable behavioral change.

Leadership development

We are a trusted leadership development partner for companies like Deloitte, Euroclear, IKEA. We bring the focus and measurable behavioral change that your organization needs to achieve its ambitions.

Cultural change

A new culture needs new habits. We have a proven method for identifying and building the key habit(s) your organization needs to achieve its ambitions.

Team coaching

Real change does not happen in a classroom, real change happens in real life. With our tested formats for team coaching, we align teams around their vision and mission, help them have more and better conversations about habits and build the skills and habits they need to thrive.

Skills training

Knowing how to build skills most easily and effectively is our superpower. In training programs as short as 90-minutes, we know how to activate real sustainable behavioral change. Our longer programs focus on building excellence, connection, teams and strategy.

How we co-create a learning & development program?

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 Share your business, people and cultural change ambitions.
 Share your current frameworks, competency models, processes, and tools.
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 We help you identify the key habits to support your organization's ambitions during a 'focus workshop'.
 Choose from over 90+ evidence-based skills development programs or ask us to design customized programs.
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 Choose from a broad offer of engaging and proven formats for impact (bite-sized or deep dive, virtual/in-person, large-group/small-group, events, self-lead...)

Client success

Below are some examples of customized programs CUTESolutions has developed (sometimes using SkillsGym plug-ins) for its clients. Scroll through the slider to view just some of our most recent projects.


For Samsung's Talents of the Future program, we co-designed and delivered 6 master classes for university students.


We co-designed Proximus' Pro Track leadership program, that has become a fixed value within the organization. In fact, it's so widely appreciated, that there is a yearly waiting list and selection process.


CUTESolutions started off as a trusted partner for Euroclear. And since 2021, Euroclear switched to a  SkillsGym membership, building 40 key soft skills for its 3000 employees.


With SkillsGym, their managers have built new key leadership habits and strengthened their management community.


With SkillsGym, their managers have built new key leadership habits and strengthened their management community.


CUTESolutions designed and delivered a customized leadership program for Mediafin leaders, and used SkillsGym Plug-in to support more and better leadership conversations on-the-job.


As a trusted partner, CUTESolutions co-designs and delivers key learning & development programs around 'reinvented performance management', 'coaching for business success', 'time management', 'leadership'...


As a trusted partner, CUTESolutions co-designs and delivers key learning & development programs around topics such as situational leadership, diversity and inclusion, communication... 


CUTESolutions regularly delivers customized team workshops and internal events for Roche around key skills such as creating a feedback culture, and team development.


CUTESolutions is a trusted partner for Degroof Petercam, co-creating programs for their (young) managers on leadership, diversity, feedback...


With SkillsGym, their managers have built new key leadership habits and strengthened their management community.


With SkillsGym, their managers have built new key leadership habits and strengthened their management community.


Using SkillsGym Plug-in, we delivered the session "Overcoming Imposter Syndrome" for 300 employees on Internal Women's Day.


CUTESolutions is a partner for Lineas' customized programs on mentoring, absenteeism, and leadership.


As a trusted partner for KBC, CUTESolutions has designed and delivered various l&d programs ranging from building emotional intelligence and empathy in sales, to accountability and ownership for asset management...

Overview of skills in our offer

Customized doesn't mean from scratch. Use our existing skills development programs (live sessions + online plans) to build your customized programs.

With our unique habit method, it's possible to build multiple skills at a time; by practicing foundational micro-skills daily, you'll automatically lay the foundation for numerous others! 
bringing focus to meetings
take ownership and be proactive
outward mindset
customer focus
staying connected

asking for & receiving feedback
giving feedback
delivering your message
presentation skills | ted storytelling
communicate with impact
practicing empathy
body language
how to have a good conversation
meaningful conversations
diverse communication styles
inclusion & diversity
conflict for the better
non-violent communication
influencing and convincing
leading with vision
situational leadership
asking the right coaching questions
coaching to grow
managing change
building high performing teams

leading hybrid teams
activity-based working
making team agreements
working from home

psychological safety
how to build trust
speak up
creating a feedback culture
engagement and motivation
recognition culture
goal setting
check-in conversations
personal development
growth mindset
imposter syndrome

time management - operational | strategic
emotional intelligence - self | others
boosting your creativity
design thinking
how to build new habits
decision making
decision making mindset
personal branding


Lifestyle medicine. What can it do for you?
mental and emotional resilience 
mind-body connection
focus and concentration
social intelligence 
healthy boundaries
ikigai or the art of purpose
stress and energy management
burnout prevention
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