This is your PROgram

Congratulations! You officially take part in the Pro Development Program.

You've been selected for this track because Proximus believes you've got what it takes to be a true strategic partner to the business and a leader in your domain of expertise. You have the knowledge, skills, and mindset to go the extra mile. During this PROgram, you will be coached and inspired to develop certain PRO skills and to become a PRO expert role model.

Design your PRO Development PROgram

360° assessment + intake with manager to decide on your personal growth plan

PRO Discovery Event

26/03 + 27/03 (AM)
Inspiration days on which you can follow various 90' sessions on PRO-competencies, get to know each other, learn how to build new habits ...
  Choose the 2 skills you want to work on

Deep Dive into Your 2 Skills - Skillstrainings

April / May
2 Focusdays to train your skills on the 2 topics of your choice!

PRO talk workshop - 1-day training

Learn to create a compelling PRO-talk during this full-day skills training!

Retrospective Moment

The goal is to reflect on the progress and improvement you made on several levels: your skills, your mindset, your habits, ...

Optional PRO talk

During this optional session, you get the opportunity to share your questions and concerns on your PRO-talk, get advice from your peers and get started with new PRO-talk-habits!
  Prep-work: Prepare your questions

PRO talk Rehearsal day

 17th of September
By this time your PRO-talk is 95% ready. You will practice your PRO-talk and get valuable feedback from your PRO-colleagues and trainers.
In the afternoon, we will focus on how to use your voice and be the audience for 2 keynote speakers

Present your PRO talk

Celebrate the end of your PRO-journey with the presentation of your 'idea worthy sharing' with your colleagues!
  Prep-work: Invite colleagues, your manager, other stakeholders to your PRO talk 

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