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Mental and emotional resilience - advanced 

Join this program and start building the skill of mental and emotional resilience - advanced . Learn the basics, have insightful conversations, and use evidence-based daily habits to reinforce the fundamental sub-skills necessary for mastery.
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  • Includes 1 webinar, and extra resources
  • Includes daily practice: 3 habits + 3 conversations
  • Total time investment = 3,5 hours, 3-6 weeks
Soft skills are everything

Why you should follow this program

Stress is a fact of life.
It’s important to know that we can’t always control what happens to us, but we can control how we react to it. Research has shown that the effects of stress and exercise are greatly affected by the way we think about them. Mice who are free to exercise as much as they want get healthier and happier; mice who are forced to exercise the exact same amount, however, get weaker and sicker. And - though lab trials of forced exercise wouldn't make it past an ethics board - research does indicate that we humans function the same way.

In this program, you will experiment with CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) methods and mindset reprogramming. We will also look at breathwork, meditation, mindfulness practices and other evidence-based strategies for regulating our neurological state in order to build resilience. Another core component of building resilience is by intentionally practicing hormetic stress; this is the ideal level of exposure to stressors. Underexposure to stress leaves your body unchallenged, while overexposure could lead to health problems. Hormetic stress is that “sweet spot” where stress is beneficial for us.

Elevated Coping Capacities

Elevate your ability to navigate life's twists and turns with grace and resilience through this transformative program. By immersing yourself in techniques like mental contrasting, you'll unlock profound insights into how to approach challenges with a clearer perspective. As you harness the power of positive focus and the WOOP technique, you'll find yourself better equipped to not just cope, but thrive in the face of adversity. Experience a newfound sense of control and confidence as you apply these strategies to overcome obstacles and emerge stronger than ever before.

Cultivation of Empowering Mindsets

Embrace the principles of a growth mindset. Delve into actionable steps inspired by the pioneering work of Carol Dweck, gradually shifting your perspective towards one of resilience and possibility. By adopting the mindset of continuous improvement, you'll cultivate a profound belief in your ability to learn and adapt in any situation. As you internalize the power of "yet" and commit to ongoing progress, you'll unlock a reservoir of untapped potential, propelling you towards greater heights of personal and professional success.

Reframe Stressful Thought Patterns

Take control of your inner narrative and reclaim your mental well-being through the practice of challenging your beliefs. Explore evidence-based techniques rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and the transformative insights of Byron Katie. Discover how to dismantle the destructive cycle of negative thinking and replace it with a more empowering mindset. By interrogating and reframing unhelpful beliefs, you'll liberate yourself from the grip of anxiety and self-doubt, paving the way for greater clarity, confidence, and resilience in the face of life's challenges.

Holistic Personal Development

Immerse yourself in a holistic journey of self-discovery and empowerment, integrating diverse techniques and perspectives to foster comprehensive growth. From honing your goal commitment skills to embracing the transformative power of a growth mindset, each aspect of this program contributes to your overall resilience and well-being. By embracing a multifaceted approach to personal development, you'll not only overcome immediate challenges but also lay the groundwork for a lifetime of fulfillment and success. Experience the profound impact of cultivating mental and emotional resilience as you embark on this empowering journey towards self-mastery and growth.

Master the skill of Mental and emotional resilience - advanced 

Build the skill, by mastering the sub-skills first.
After the kick-start webinar, you will practice building tiny habits (so small you will have no reason not to do it) in the workflow or in your personal life. You will build this skill habit-by-habit, conversation-by-conversation, focusing on 3 sub-skills.

Sub-skill 1

Week 1 - 2 

How to think about challenges

Practice the mental contrasting technique for goal commitment and improve your chances of following through on your positive intentions.
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Sub-skill 2

Week 3  - 4  

Growth mindset actions

Begin working your way toward a growth mindset in a structured and progressive manner.
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Sub-skill 3

Week 5 - 6 

Challenge your beliefs

Practice a proven technique for taking the stress out of your stressful thoughts. Learn to transform unhelpful ways of thinking into a more constructive mindset.
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Meet your trainer

At the kickstart of your 3-6 week skills development program, you will follow a webinar delivered by Sarah Cherif, founder and CEO of SkillsGym. Here are a few things you might like to know about her:

Sarah's background

Sarah began her career at the University of Ghent with degrees in child education and philosophy, quickly realizing her passion for teaching. Faced with the challenge of helping seasoned leaders develop soft skills without any prior corporate experience, she turned this disadvantage into a strength by creating evidence-based, sure-proof plans to build strong soft skills through habit formation and impactful conversations.

Personal life

Sarah's roots are Belgian and Tunesian, and she partially grew up in Washington DC. She currently lives in Belgium with her partner Nils (who is co-founder of SkillsGym Health), and has a dog named Lizzy.

20+ years of impact

SkillsGym Health uses the same habit-focused method that has become synonymous with SkillsGym's approach. This method has assisted numerous world-class organizations such as Samsung, Deloitte, and Ikea, along with thousands of managers and their teams, in enhancing their soft skills. Now, SkillsGym extends its expertise by offering programs designed to expedite the mastery of 50 essential leadership, team, and well-being skills.

Fun fact

Sarah tests all the habits and conversations in the SkillsGym offer herself; that's more than 200+ habits and 200+ conversations. Most of them have become second nature. Yet, as you'll learn in the webinars, she isn't shy to talk about the failures and frustrations along the way.

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