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Master your skills step-by-step, habit-by-habit
3 sub-skills + 3 conversations + 3 daily habits
20 min. per week
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Are you delegating enough? To the right people? The right things?

Delegation can be an incredibly powerful tool for leaders, both in terms of managing workloads and increasing output. When done correctly, delegation can also be used to identify and develop strengths in employees and work on weaknesses.
Delegation is an important skill to practice throughout your career. As you give yourself additional responsibilities, you gain experience and can take on even more responsibilities. As a manager, your primary responsibility is to develop a healthy business culture and ensure cooperation and a well-organized workforce division. 
And although most of us would love to delegate more work and responsibilities, we always seem to come up with reasons why we aren't able to. Some of them are legit, but most people could delegate a lot more. Just like coaching, delegating is a skill and a process; with practice, you will get great results.

Build new skills the smart way

Learn the basics, have insightful conversations, and use evidence-based daily habits to reinforce the fundamental sub-skills necessary for mastery:

Keep growing as a leader
Understand how to create lasting change in yourself and others, starting with yourself.
#SituationalLeadership #LogicalLevels #PersonalGrowth #Alignment
Delegation checklist
When delegating tasks or responsibilities to someone, use this delegation checklist.
#SituationalLeadership #Delegating #DelegationChecklist
Understand joint accountability
Identify unproductive relationship dynamics between yourself and others, and learn to hold both yourself and others accountable for the role they play.
#TransactionalAnalysis #3Roles #ChildParentAdult
Each program follows a simple and effective evidence-based approach to skills mastery:

Assess yourself

Reflect on where you currently stand and discover the practical components necessary for mastery of this skill. 

Learn sub-skills

The skill is broken down into 3 essential sub-skills, each of which is the focus of one learning workout. You'll do 1 workout every 2 weeks over the next 6 weeks. 

Talk about it

Have an insightful conversation with your colleagues about how to implement each sub-skill in your day-to-day.

Build micro-habits

Along with each workout, design your own micro-habit to start putting your learning into practice on a daily basis.

Ready to go?

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