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Join this program and start building the skill of body language. Learn the basics, have insightful conversations, and use evidence-based daily habits to reinforce the fundamental sub-skills necessary for mastery.
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  • Includes 1 webinar, and extra resources
  • Includes daily practice: 3 habits + 3 conversations
  • Total time investment = 3,5 hours, 3-6 weeks
Soft skills are everything

Why you should follow this program

Face it. Shrug it off. Get it off your chest. Stick your neck out. Keep your chin up. Open up. Don't give me the cold shoulder. Put your best foot forward. Reach them a hand. Kiss my ***.

Our body language is a big part of what we are saying, without actually saying it. So much so, that as we notice in the phrases above, we intuitively use our bodies to communicate. While there are many myths about body language, there are things we can actually learn from the science of how people communicate non-verbally. There are some very useful and evidence-based techniques on how you can use your own body language to have more impact and feel more confident, relaxed, and comfortable in any situation. 

And by paying more attention to other people's body language and knowing how to respond to subtle cues, you can dramatically change the quality of your conversations and relationships.

Enhance Your Communication Impact

Unleash the power of non-verbal communication by incorporating purposeful gestures into your interactions. Discover how adding the right gestures can amplify the effectiveness of your message, making your communication more engaging and memorable. Elevate your influence through the art of body language.

Build Trust and Connection Through Body Language Awareness

Master the subtle art of open and closed body language. Being attuned to these signals, both in yourself and others, serves as a dynamic tool to foster a sense of safety and connection in conversations. Explore the 3C's - Context, Congruence, and Clusters - and transform your ability to build genuine relationships through heightened body language awareness.

Navigate the Digital Landscape with Non-Verbal Fluency

In an era dominated by digital interactions, harness the language of behavior to convey respect and trust. Follow the principles of digital body language to create meaningful connections in the virtual world. Utilize a checklist approach to ensure your non-verbal cues promote collaboration and understanding, transcending the limitations of text-based communication.

Transform Conversations and Relationships

Elevate the quality of your interactions by honing in on the nuances of body language. By mastering the program's three sub-skills, you not only refine your own non-verbal communication but also gain a profound understanding of how to interpret and respond to others. Witness a transformative shift in the dynamics of your conversations and relationships as you unlock the secrets of effective body language.

Master the skill of body language

Build the skill, by mastering the sub-skills first.
After the kick-start webinar, you will practice building tiny habits (so small you will have no reason not to do it) in the workflow or in your personal life. You will build this skill habit-by-habit, conversation-by-conversation, focusing on 3 sub-skills.

Sub-skill 1

Week 1 - 2 

Add gestures to your communication

Use body language to make your communication more effective.
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Sub-skill 2

Week 3  - 4  

 Open and closed body language

Be aware of (your own) closed or open body language as signals to focus more on bringing safety in the conversation.
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Sub-skill 3

Week 5 - 6 

Behavior is a language

Use behavior as a non-verbal language in a digitalized world to convey respect and trust, and promote good collaboration.
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Meet your trainer

At the kickstart of your 3-6 week skills development program, you will follow a webinar delivered by Sarah Cherif, founder and CEO of SkillsGym. Here are a few things you might like to know about her:

Sarah's background

Sarah began her career at the University of Ghent with degrees in child education and philosophy, quickly realizing her passion for teaching. Faced with the challenge of helping seasoned leaders develop soft skills without any prior corporate experience, she turned this disadvantage into a strength by creating evidence-based, sure-proof plans to build strong soft skills through habit formation and impactful conversations.

Personal life

Sarah's roots are Belgian and Tunesian, and she partially grew up in Washington DC. She currently lives in Belgium with her partner Nils (who is co-founder of SkillsGym Health), and has a dog named Lizzy.

20+ years of impact

Together with her SkillsGym team, Sarah has helped numerous world-class organizations like Samsung, Deloitte, Ikea... and thousands of managers and their teams improve their soft skills. SkillsGym now offers programs to accelerate the mastery of 50 essential leadership, team and well-being skills.

Fun fact

Sarah tests all the habits and conversations in the SkillsGym offer herself; that's more than 200+ habits and 200+ conversations. Most of them have become second nature. Yet, as you'll learn in the webinars, she isn't shy to talk about the failures and frustrations along the way.

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