SkillsGym Health Experience Day

This immersive 1-day workshop gives you a powerful introduction to our wellbeing offer, designed to help your organization reduce stress, increase energy, and enhance overall wellbeing.

With 80% of preventable deaths caused by lifestyle factors, what you learn at the SkillsGym Health Experience Day will be truly life-changing.

But seats are limited for this exclusive event.

Secure your spot now and get ready to optimize your health through simple, sustainable habits. This is your chance to experience the SkillsGym Health difference.

Practical details

 9:00 - 16:30 (includes lunch) 
 Maenhoutstraat 76, 9830 Sint-Martens Latem

Key Highlights

Introduction to lifestyle medicine
 In this session we will introduce you to the 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine; this is the branch within the medical field that focuses on the prevention of disease. And we will share with you some evidence-based small habits that you can start building today that will have a big impact on your health over time. 
Restore your posture
Most of us spend upwards of 10 hours sitting every day, which means that if you have suboptimal posture you quickly accumulate tens of thousands of hours of tension and compression in the spine; the outcome for most of us is periodic or even chronic debilitating pain in our lower backs, necks, and shoulders. 
Nils, a former world-class ballet dancer and gym-owner, will teach a few simple exercises to restore and maintain your posture, keeping you injury-free and fully mobile. Our long-term goal is to help you restore natural alignment throughout your entire body, allowing you to move easily and pain-free no matter whether your daily activity consists of running errands or running marathons.
Breathing session
We can survive without food for weeks and without water for days, but without air for only a few minutes; though we rarely think of it, the way we breathe is actually vital to our health. Our breath directly influences our heart rate, our brain state, and our entire nervous system! Remember that on average we breathe around 25.000 times per day, so even small changes make a big difference over time.
We will be presenting you with simple, evidence-based breathing techniques that have clear and immediate outcomes: calm, focus, alertness, or rest. You will also experience more advanced breathing exercises from Nils, our resident expert and Wim Hof Method coach. 
Anti-stress techniques
Stress, worry, and anxiety can seem like normal or even unavoidable aspects of modern life. Thankfully, however, they are not. Today we will learn how to break out of these negative feedback loops, learning simple tools to cultivate self-awareness, let go of negative or intrusive thoughts, and generate more positive energy through evidence-based practices that are easy to integrate into your daily routine. 
Consider this your introduction to mental wellbeing from a new perspective, where we’ll be covering everything from mindset and focus to the physiological influences that affect our neurological states.
Cold Exposure
Maybe you have never considered taking an ice-bath or have questioned the sanity of your friends that have. And you are wondering why on earth you would do that to yourself.
Our certified Wim Hof coach, Nils, will explain you the various health benefits of cold exposure (as a proven method for hormetic stress; the ideal level of exposure to stressors. Underexposure to stress could leave your body unchallenged and weaker, while overexposure could lead to health problems. Hormetic stress is that “sweet spot” where stress could be beneficial).
And after this short explanation, Nils will guide you into the ice, leaving you feeling energized and exhilarated, reminding you of a deep and unknown power you have inside of you. 
Access to the 3-Month Healthy Lifestyle Program
As a special gesture, all attendees will receive complimentary access to our comprehensive 3-month Healthy Lifestyle Program. This program is designed to provide ongoing support and guidance in adopting healthy habits and creating a sustainable lifestyle.