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Mentoring - advanced

Join this program and start building the skill of mentoring. Learn the basics, have insightful conversations, and use evidence-based daily habits to reinforce the fundamental sub-skills necessary for mastery.
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  • Includes 1 webinar, and extra resources
  • Includes daily practice: 3 habits + 3 conversations
  • Total time investment = 3,5 hours, 3-6 weeks
Soft skills are everything

Why you should follow this program

Mentoring might be the perfect fit for you if you're looking for a new way to grow as a leader and communicator.

Being a mentor serves as a way to give back and is an important development and learning experience. 
It's rewarding to share your knowledge and experience with someone who needs it. It can also be a way for you to learn from someone else. You become more competent as a leader and communicator when you mentor someone because you learn a lot from teaching others.

This program sets you up for success as a mentor, so it's worth both parties time and effort. We will cover critical insights as a mentor, such as knowing what your role is and what it isn't, understanding how people learn and how you can guide them, and how mentoring can contribute to their growth and careers.

Tap into Your Mentoring Potential

Our advanced mentoring training program offers a comprehensive exploration of mentoring techniques, enabling you to harness your innate abilities as a mentor. Through specialized modules like promoting job crafting and focusing on strengths, you'll learn to guide your mentees towards their professional goals while refining your mentoring approach. By mastering these subskills, you'll evolve into a highly effective mentor, capable of nurturing growth and development in others while enhancing your own professional journey.

Embrace Strengths-Based Mentoring

Central to our program is the concept of strengths-based mentoring. By understanding the intrinsic connection between your weaknesses and strengths, you'll gain valuable insights into leveraging your unique talents for personal and professional advancement. Through practical exercises and real-world examples, you'll discover how to identify, nurture, and capitalize on strengths, fostering a positive mentoring dynamic and a culture of continuous improvement.

Tailored Feedback Strategies

Effective feedback is essential for mentorship success. Our program prioritizes understanding feedback preferences to enhance its impact and relevance. By customizing your feedback delivery to align with the recipient's preferences, you'll optimize receptivity and engagement, fostering a collaborative learning environment conducive to growth. Whether your mentee responds best to constructive criticism or positive reinforcement, you'll develop the skills to provide feedback that resonates, driving meaningful progress and achievement.

Empowerment through Job Crafting

Job crafting is a transformative tool for mentors and mentees alike. By encouraging mentees to shape their roles based on strengths and interests, you'll facilitate greater job satisfaction and productivity. Our program equips you with the knowledge and strategies to guide mentees through the job crafting process effectively, empowering them to align their professional roles with their passions. As a mentor, you'll play a pivotal role in fostering autonomy, ownership, and self-actualization, catalyzing positive change within your organization or community.

Master the skill of mentoring (advanced)

Build the skill, by mastering the sub-skills first.
After the kick-start webinar, you will practice building tiny habits (so small you will have no reason not to do it) in the workflow or in your personal life. You will build this skill habit-by-habit, conversation-by-conversation, focusing on 3 sub-skills.

Sub-skill 1

Week 1 - 2 

Promote job crafting

Encourage your mentees to craft their own jobs to make better use of their strengths and build new skills.
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Sub-skill 2

Week 3  - 4  

Focus on strengths

Understand how your shortcomings are connected to your strengths, so that you can better develop them - and help your mentee to do the same.
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Sub-skill 3

Week 5 - 6 

Talk about feedback preferences

Increase the effectiveness of your feedback by matching it to what the receiver prefers. 
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Meet your trainer

At the kickstart of your 3-6 week skills development program, you will follow a webinar delivered by Sarah Cherif, founder and CEO of SkillsGym. Here are a few things you might like to know about her:

Sarah's background

Sarah began her career at the University of Ghent with degrees in child education and philosophy, quickly realizing her passion for teaching. Faced with the challenge of helping seasoned leaders develop soft skills without any prior corporate experience, she turned this disadvantage into a strength by creating evidence-based, sure-proof plans to build strong soft skills through habit formation and impactful conversations.

Personal life

Sarah's roots are Belgian and Tunesian, and she partially grew up in Washington DC. She currently lives in Belgium with her partner Nils (who is co-founder of SkillsGym Health), and has a dog named Lizzy.

20+ years of impact

Together with her SkillsGym team, Sarah has helped numerous world-class organizations like Samsung, Deloitte, Ikea... and thousands of managers and their teams improve their soft skills. SkillsGym now offers programs to accelerate the mastery of 50 essential leadership, team and well-being skills.

Fun fact

Sarah tests all the habits and conversations in the SkillsGym offer herself; that's more than 200+ habits and 200+ conversations. Most of them have become second nature. Yet, as you'll learn in the webinars, she isn't shy to talk about the failures and frustrations along the way.

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