Delivering your message

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Master your skills step-by-step, habit-by-habit
3 sub-skills + 3 conversations + 3 daily habits
20 min. per week
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We know you've been there. You've had a great idea and yet to get the appreciation you thought it deserved. Or you've presented your work, but nobody seems to remember it the next day. Or even worse, you see that, for some reason, your clients or colleagues are buying into information from competitors that you know isn't even true.
What we know from research is that the truthfulness of your message has little to do with its potential to go viral. Urban legends aren't true, and they spread like wildfire! But there is good news, too: professionals use science-backed principles effectively to deliver messages that stick, and you can use them too!

Build new skills the smart way

Learn the basics, have insightful conversations, and use evidence-based daily habits to reinforce the fundamental sub-skills necessary for mastery:

Make your message stick
Use the 6 fundamental principles of success to deliver your message more effectively.
#DanandChipHeath #MadetoStick #SUCCESSprinciples
Presentation skills checklist
Use this checklist to gather feedback on your presentations or to self-evaluate.
#PreparePreparePrepare #Checklist 
Design compelling visuals
Make compelling visuals that support your story and what you are saying.
#GoodDesignMatters #GuyKawasaki #SethGodin #12Guidelines
Add gestures to your communication (Optional)
Enhance or reintroduce gestures into your communication.
#BodyLanguage #AnnieMurphyPaul #Engagement
Each program follows a simple and effective evidence-based approach to skills mastery:

Assess yourself

Reflect on where you currently stand and discover the practical components necessary for mastery of this skill. 

Learn sub-skills

The skill is broken down into 3 essential sub-skills, each of which is the focus of one learning workout. You'll do 1 workout every 2 weeks over the next 6 weeks. 

Talk about it

Have an insightful conversation with your colleagues about how to implement each sub-skill in your day-to-day.

Build micro-habits

Along with each workout, design your own micro-habit to start putting your learning into practice on a daily basis.

Ready to go?

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