From over 20 years of experience in training Soft Skills, SkillsGym presents

The Feedback Habit Sprints

Discover how to unlock the culture of Feedback in your organization through our training programs

If that happened to you...

Have you ever been in a meeting and thought "I should have said something about that"?
...Or maybe you've asked yourself why someone keeps repeating the same annoying behavior, although you've expressed frustration to them before.
...Or maybe you want to help someone grow and do better but are afraid to hurt their feelings.
Well, we have too.

Luckily for all of us, some excellent science is available that gives us real practical pointers on preventing the most common failures when giving feedback and dramatically increasing our chances that feedback will be received well and have an impact.

At SkillsGym – thanks to our 20+ years of experience, and 10,000+ teams trained, we know how to guide your organization through our proven habit-based method.

We developed an evidence-based approach to foster Feedback Culture

We understand that creating a feedback culture isn't about overwhelming your team with feedback trainings. It's about building habits that make feedback a way of life.

Grounded in the principle of "Start small", our highly interactive, on-demand webinars recognize that culture is shaped by our habits, and giving and receiving feedback are habits that require nurturing.

After the Webinar, you move on with the core program lasting 3-4,5 months, that helps you establish a strong feedback culture daily, organically, thanks to our step-by-step approach.

You can access our Feedback Habit programs through 3 different sprints, and create a learning journey for yourself, your team, and your company.

Our process



Building trust is the cornerstone of effective feedback. Our webinars lay the groundwork by fostering an environment where trust thrives.


A "growth mindset" is pivotal in embracing feedback. In this phase, we help shift attitudes towards feedback, making it a catalyst for growth.


With culture, mindset, and trust in place, we delve into developing crucial feedback skills: giving feedback, asking for feedback, and receiving it with grace.


Meaningful conversations and recognition become shared habits within your organization. We help you create a culture where these practices thrive.

What's included?

This is what you can find in our FeedbackHabit's Sprints

3 Programs

The 3 programs allow you to create a learning journey of 3-4,5 months, as you choose 1 or 2 weeks practice time per module.

3 Webinars

Each module starts with a 1-hour Webinar, delivered by our CEO and founder Sarah Cherif. It is an highly-interactive online experience.

Extra Resources

By attending each webinar, you gain access to additional resources related the program's content, in this case about Feedback Culture.

Concrete Daily Practice

You get a concrete plan for daily practice, based on the smallest habits you need to build, and the conversations you need to have. 

Flexibility of Enrolment

You can opt for a fully self-lead approach, or going through the programs together with a buddy or your team, building social accountability.

Clear Time Investment

3 hours for the webinars (1 hour each), 3 hours of extra resources, 15 minutes/week for the daily practice for 1 or 2 weeks –you choose, per module.

The Feedback Habit Sprints

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Why Choosing The Feedback Habit Sprints?

Build a lasting Feedback Culture

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Proven Track Record

We've assisted countless organizations in building healthy and vibrant feedback cultures for over 20 years.

Expert Guidance

Learn from industry experts who are passionate about helping organizations achieve excellence.

Advanced Learning

We combine the power of highly-interactive, online on-demand webinars, and habit creation.

Long-term Transformation

The Feedback Habit programs included in the Sprints are designed for lasting change, ensuring your organization thrives year after year.
"Creating a vibrant feedback culture means making feedback a natural part of your organization's DNA. In our trainings, we show you the multitude of ways to foster this culture, where giving feedback effortlessly becomes second nature, and you don't need to be fixated on delivering feedback to be part of this transformative journey."

Sarah Cherif

CEO & Founder CUTESolutions and SkillsGym

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