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The SkillsGym Habit Method

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Soft skills are everything. Habits are the way.

85% of success at the work place is attributed to soft skills and only 15% to technical skills (Stanford, Harvard). With SkillsGym, you're building strong soft skills, one habit at a time.

You are what you repeatedly do.

You don't get a six-pack by working out once. With SkillsGym, you have a reliable and tested method in place for creating measurable and sustainable behavioral change, one small habit at a time.

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How to build new habits.

Accelerate skills mastery through daily practice. Follow the masterclass and set yourself up for success. Knowing how to be successful in habit change opens doors to achieving goals, compelling careers, new opportunities, and an overall better quality of life.
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Think of SkillsGym like a workout for your mind. We’ve taken skillsets, such as communication or time management, and broken them down into small, doable, evidence-based habits — just like curls or squats — that cumulatively create significant change over time. 

Small habits, big changes.

How to master any skill

We have taken each skill, and deconstructed them into their 3 foundational sub-skills. This smart approach to skills development focuses on practicing micro-skills on a daily basis. 
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Your 6-week plan

Choose a skill and start your skills mastery plan; the 6-week Skills Sprint. It's a compact and efficient way to make long-lasting change.

What is a workout?

In each skills development plan, you will find 3 workouts, one for each sub-skill. A workout is a mini-plan consisting of 3 steps, designed to help you build the foundation of a sub-skill in 2 weeks.
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The SkillsGym Habit Method