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Hormetic Stress & Recovery

You know the old saying from Frederic Nietsche, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"? Science has revealed that (at least in some situations) it's surprisingly accurate—even down to the cellular level.


Nassim Nicholas Taleb defines the term 'Hormetic stress' for us in his book, Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder:
Hormesis: A bit of a harmful substance, or stressor, in the right dose or with the right intensity, stimulates the organism and makes it better, stronger, healthier, and prepared for a stronger dose the next exposure.

We're talking about hormesis, or the idea that short, intermittent bursts of certain stressors ("hormetic stressors") can actually trigger a cascade of cellular processes that enhance overall health, slow aging, and make you more resilient to future stress (both physical and mental). It's weird and fascinating stuff, and one of the hottest areas of longevity research right now.

But how is putting your body through "hormetic stress" good when you've been told for years that stress is straight-up toxic? It's all about the specific stressor and the dose.

During this session, we'll discover several hormetic stressors that you can practice daily.









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Hormetic stress and energy - Make it a Habit.

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